Dr. Bahar Tajrobehkar is an award-winning researcher, consultant, educator and author, with extensive experience providing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and anti-racism consultation to large and small organizations. Bahar has reviewed provincial policy documents and synthesized findings into educational workshops, infographics, reports and other publications. She has conducted diversity and inclusion audits for large and small businesses to identify areas of risk and opportunity, and developed strategic plans to achieve tangible positive results.

Bahar received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research, fully funded by the Canadian government, used an anti-racist framework to examine the experiences of immigrant girls in the Ontarian Physical Education system and offered recommendations for the Ontario Ministry of Education to implement equitable and inclusive education policies. Her research has also explored concepts of linguistic discrimination and ‘Orientalism’ (Said, 1978), and the role that having an ESL, ‘Other’ identity plays in shaping immigrants’ social experiences at school.

Bahar has contributed to academic scholarship and non-academic knowledge translation mediums in a variety of ways, including peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and book chapters, as well as blogs, podcasts, and magazine articles. She is the recipient of multiple accolades, including two Tri-Agency grants, a Barbara Brown Outstanding Paper Award, and two Gary Sailes Diversity Awards.

With over 10 years of experience developing and delivering courses, workshops, training and lectures, Bahar is able to capture audiences and present material in a stimulating, comprehensible, and engaging manner. She has over 15 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research (particularly in the areas of anti-racism and equity), project management, and developing and implementing organization-wide strategic plans and initiatives. She has consulted and provided thought leadership to senior executives in both the public and private sectors, including the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, ACCES Employment, GoodLife Fitness, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and Tirgan Center for Arts and Culture. Bahar is currently Director of Equity Initiatives at the Law Society of Ontario. She is available for hourly consultation and part-time, contract work.


“I had the pleasure of working with Bahar, whose level of expertise in Diversity and Inclusion is apt. She was contracted to help us navigate the social and environmental shifts reshaping how we should engage with people, artists, and communities with the contents of our repository for Artists. She has a knack for providing clear insight that helped us communicate our commitment to the values of our diverse world. Her recommendations on the use of language aligned our online representation with our vision. She has a knack for providing clear insight and language that helped us explain our intentions to ignite opportunities for many individuals. Thank you for an outstanding job! I highly recommend Bahar for all future employment opportunities and wish her the absolute best.”

Khatereh Vafaie

General Manager, Tirgan Centre for Art & Culture

“Bahar completed the Anti-Racism workshop for my company and it was exactly what we needed. To develop the training to suit our unique culture and needs, she did the groundwork by getting to know our people and our industry. That allowed her to create content that was very impactful and relatable to our business. She also assisted us in developing the workshop into an online module in our learning management system. The overall feedback from those who attended the training was very positive.
Bahar is extremely bright and talented. She worked with a foundation of collaboration, to ensure she delivered what we needed. Excited to see the ongoing impact she continues to make in this field.”

Dwayne Smith

Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at GoodLife Fitness

“As a Research Associate and consultant at UBC, Bahar displayed a high degree of responsibility, integrity and leadership. She dealt with issues that were sensitive and confidential in nature, and spoke with confidence and experience on issues of equity and discrimination. She assisted with committee meetings, worked alongside key stakeholders to collect and analyze data, and with committee members, identified and developed strategies and recommendations on processes, including student recruitment and retention, employment processes, learning and development, and culture change.”

Dr. Marianne McTavish

Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

“Bahar was an excellent support for a research project. She managed a team of research assistants (people), data base searches (research), budget (money), and manuscript production (writing). I was impressed by her daily attention to detail and effective communication.”

Dr. Janelle Joseph

Director, Indigeneity, Diaspora, Equity and Anti-Racism in Sport Lab

“It was a pleasure to host Bahar Tajrobehkar in my undergraduate course at the University of Toronto. Bahar gave fantastic and engaging examples of how to incorporate theory in with material data. She engaged the class of approximately forty upper- year undergraduate students by showing photos and videos from her research and asking questions of the class. Through her presentation, she demonstrated to the class what high quality sociocultural research looks like in the Physical Cultural Studies field, which tied in directly with the final assignment upon which they were working.”

Dr. Debra Kriger

Assistant Manager, Equity, Diversity and Belonging, University of Toronto

“Bahar’s lecture was accessible and informative, and effectively pitched at the interests and experiences of first year Kinesiology students. It drew on her research into the experiences of female bodybuilders and placed these experiences and phenomena in social and political context, particularly in relation to gender, hegemony and the socially constructed Body. In so doing, she demonstrated her ability to effectively deliver nuanced and critical content in front of large audiences of students. She also showed her willingness and ability to engage with students in the form of discussions and question & answer.”

Dr. Simon Darnell

Associate Professor, University of Toronto

“Bahar gave two wonderful lectures. Her message was clear and she looked so natural delivering her material. It was truly inspiring.”

Professor Hernan Humana

Associate Lecturer, York University

“Bahar’s comfort as a public speaker was immediately apparent during her lecture. I found her speed and cadence spot on. Her interaction with the students and the class room was genuine and stimulating, and her use of students’ names was impressive. She made sure to ask questions that made the students consider the topic, and then guided them gently towards the answer. Her knowledge and passion of the material showed through, and made for an engaging talk.”

Dr. Felix Beaudry

University of Toronto


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Book Chapters

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